Bain Family Lineage from 1700s

The first part of the family research concentrated on the Bain line and trying to get this far back as possible.

During this I came across the tale of how the family came to be and it is my goal to prove this and tie us back to the origins in the 15th century but for now I have only managed to source records confirming as far back as 1764 when the oldest known relative in our line, William Bain(e) was born in the parish of Fodderty in the Ross-shire area of the Scottish Highlands.

I’ll tell you about the family origins in another post but for now our line on the Bain side is as follows:

Robert G Bain               1902-1957           Paisley, Scotland 

John Bain                       1865-1942           Clachnaharry, Inverness, Scotland 

Hugh Bain                      1840-1887          Inverness, Scotland 

James Bain                     1811-1874           Inverness, Scotland 

William Baine                 1764                   Fodderty, Ross-shire, Scotland 

The oldest of our line in confirmed sources is William Bain, the death certificate for his son James Bain who was the Lock-Keeper at Muirtown Locks, Inverness confirms that his parents were William Bain and Isabella Urquhart.

James Bain was married to Margaret McDonald.

Hugh Bain was married to Euphemia Grieve.

John Bain was married to Betsy Isabella Cameron.

Robert Gardner Bain was married to Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart.

In the case of our line, we only need to step back one generation from our starting point of my great-grandfather Robert G Bain, and our Scottish Highland ancestry becomes apparent.  It’s quite strange really because whilst we are all proud Scots, prior to this no-one in our current family line had any idea of our Highlander roots as we as a family have been firmly connected to the Paisley area for over 100 years.

Saying that I always did find it odd that Bain was not a very common name here and those that did share it, were always some sort of relation!





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