Our Scottish Clan Map

Looking over hard data can be tiresome and confusing, not to mention a tad boring. I also find it often lacks the fuller picture, the stories about the places and people behind the facts, you know the reason we actually want to find the information in the first place.

So following in this line of thinking rather than list he places, I thought I would show you visually our Scottish clan and how the Highlanders came to call Strathclyde and notably Paisley home.

Whilst there were a lot of the Bain clan who emigrated, the majority of our line remained in Scotland, with a few notable exceptions but we will follow the journey of the emigrants another time, for now we will concentrate on Scotland.

I was initially going to print a map and manually put the little spots on but I just found google maps have a cool little tool where you can add it on-screen and best of all, it allows me to share the interactive version with you. Go on click on the spots.

You can also get a PDF here:  Family Tree MAP

Whilst our line of the family call Paisley and surrounding villages home, a few generations back some of our Inverness ancestors came to Glasgow and settled before moving on to Paisley.

The Perth lines comes from one of the families (Clan Cameron) married into the Bain’s which I will explore later.

Before Glasgow, our ancestors called Inverness home and further back place names such as Fodderty, Kiltearn, Garve and Mountgerald crop up.

Going back to the origins of the Bain family and the Mackay association, the Kyle of Tongue and Strathnaver appear.

I have highlighted these areas and will update as the research unfolds.



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