Robert G. Bain 1902 – 1957

Whilst my story begins with my grandfather, Gordon Bain. The family history research really begins with his father Robert G Bain (my great-grandfather) and the first of our line to be born in Paisley after his parents moved here in the early 1900s.

Robert G Bain 1915

Robert G Bain & friend Angus McDonald 1915


Robert Gardner Bain was born in Paisley on 01/12/1902 and died in Paisley on 03Papa Baina/01/1957.

He is the son of John Bain and Betsy Isabella Cameron.

Robert was one of 10 siblings, he has 6 sisters and 3 brothers.

Robert was married to Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart.

Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart was born in Paisley on 05/11/1905 and died in Paisley on 26/06/1979.

She was the daughter of Peter Stewart and Margaret Kerr Rae.


Robert was a cabinet maker / engineers patter maker and Margaret a thread mill worker.

They lived in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

For reasons of privacy for living relatives as well as data protection on records less than 100 years old, the research will now mainly focus on our common ancestors but for the sake of communication and reconnecting among our immediate line,  I have briefly summarised Robert G Bain’s descendents below.

You will see that there are in excess of 100 members and if we take the fact that Robert is one of 10 in his generation, we can see how the Bain family has grown and continues to grow.

A summary of Robert G Bain & Margaret K Rae Stewart’s Descendents

Robert & Margaret had 9 children:

1) John Bain 2) Margaret Montgomery (Bain) 3) Robert Bain 4) Duncan Bain 5)James Bain 6) Hugh Bain 7) Gordon Bain 8) Harry Bain and 9) Betty Strain (Betsy Bain).

Two of their sons emigrated to South Africa and another to America, whilst the rest remained local to the Paisley area.

They have 36 grandchildren:

1) Irene McDonald (Bain) 2) Nancy Shirley Reid (Bain) 3) Susanne Shaw (Bain) 4) Ian Bain 5)  David Bain 6) Margaret 7) Matty 8) Bobby 9) Samuel 10) Grace 11) May 12) Johnny 13)  James 14) James Bain 15) Robert Bain 16) Hugh Bain 17) Duncan Bain 18) Gordon Bain19) David Bain 20) Steven Bain 21) Annette Bain 22) Jackie Thorley (Bain) 23)Bunty Thorley (Bain)24) Linda Cowell (Bain)25) Tommy Bain 26) Harry Bain 27) Alex McGirr 28)Gordon Bain 29) James Bain 30) Steven Bain 31) Yvette Bain 32) Ashley Bain 33) Andy O’Donnell 34) Julie O’Donnell 35) Lesley Strain 36) Lisa Strain.

Unusually but the norm for the Bain family, there are first cousins with the same name. We have two David Bain’s, two James Bain’s two Gordon Bain’s and two Steven Bain’s.

There are 74 (known) great-grandchildren:

Tracey May McFayden, Cheryle Irene McFayden, James Brian McFayden, Pearl, Angela, Billy, Tracey, Brian, Gail, Allison, Barry, Gordon, Stuart, Pamela, Vicky, Aileen, Jim, Mary, Hannah, John Jason, James Bain, Liam Bain, Elizabeth Bain, Vanessa, Laurette Martin, Michelle Bain, Gavin Bain, Caroline Bain, Grant Bain, Warren Bain, Byron Bain, Dean Bain, Kristal, Erin, Rhiannon, Jonathan, Garth,  James, Caleb, Thomas Bain, Steven Bain, Kevin Bain, Louise Bain, Jackie Bain, Ross Bain, Lisa Bain, Ashley Bain, Christopher Bain, Jack Bain,  Catherine Switchenback, Charline Woods, Allan Woods, Christopher McKinley, Victoria Elizabeth Bain, Donna Marie Bain, Gordon Junior Bain, Tracy Bain, Amanda O’Hara, Jason O’Hara, Cameron, Ariana, Kayleigh, Christopher, Rebecca O’Donnell, Jamie, John, Andrew, Megan Alexandra Bain, Dylan David Thomas Bain, Liam James John Bain and David Ian Jack Bain

There are 23 (known) great-great grandchildren:

Aaron, Emily, Fiona, Kyle, Kieran, Isabella, Rhiannon, Emilie Rose, Blake, Lily Grace, Luke, Caitlin, Natasha-Leigh, Jordan, Ethan, Morgan, Chelsea, Paighton, Micalaya, Millie Stacey, Graham, Tiffany Anne and Rhys

and 2 great-great-great grandchildren

Summer & Brooke

In total there are 144 known descendants and still more to be found!




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