Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart 1905 – 1979

Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart or Granny Bain as she is known to our family was the wife of Robert Gardner Bain. They were married in Paisley on 30/07/1926

Robert & Margaret have 9 children as detailed on the previous post about Robert.


Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart was born in Paisley on 05/11/1905 and died in Paisley on 26/06/1979.

She was the daughter of Peter Stewart and Margaret Rae.

Peter Stewart

To be honest, I have not looked much further into her ancestry however I was lucky enough to link up with a descendant of Margaret’s sister Elizabeth Rae Stewart through and have piggy backed on her research into this line including some of these photos, so thanks very much Liz Livsey.

When Peter Stewart was born on 22/06/1881, his father, Henry Stewart, was 30 and his mother, Margaret Stevenson, was 25. He married Margaret Rae on 01/01/1904, in Paisley, Scotland. They had 3 children during their marriage. He died on 19/02/1913, in Paisley, Scotland at the age of 31.

Peter Stewart and Margaret Rae’s children were William Stewart, Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart and Elizabeth Rae Stewart.

Peter died young and Margaret Rae went on to marry Duncan Harkness and had 6 more children, half siblings of Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart.

Margaret Rae and Duncan Harkness’s children were Gordon Harkness, Helen Harkness, Catherine Rae Harkness, John Harkness, Mary Harkness and Adam Harkness.

The photo below shows Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart (Bain / Harkness) and her sisters Ella and Cathie as well as her daughters Betty and Margaret, her daughter-in-law Jean, grand-daughter Grace and a couple of friends.

Bain Family Group 1

Margaret K R Stewart and some of her sisters and daughters


The final photo shows Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart with her mother Margaret Rae and her daughter Margaret Montgomery, her daughter Margaret and her daughter Margaret (Pearl).

5 mags (2)

5 Generations of Margaret

The Stewart surname is well-known in the local area with the neighbouring town the Royal borough of Renfrew being the cradle of the Stewart’s.

We’ll explore this line further along with Margaret’s mother’s side the Rae’s in future posts.


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