Tulloch Castle

Tulloch Castle is located in the town of Dingwall in the Highlands of Scotland and was the ancestral home of Clan Bain for over 200 years.


Tulloch Castle, Dingwall, Scotland – 2016

Tulloch Castle was the Clan Bain (Bayn/Bayne/Bane) ancestral home from 1542 when Duncan Bayne was granted the lands at Tulloch and became the first Bayne Laird of Tulloch to 1762 when Kenneth Bayne the 9th Laird of Tulloch sold it to his cousin Henry Davidson.

The following is a quote which I found in relation to how the Bayn family (Bain) acquired the lands of Tulloch which coincidentally fits with the story of the First Bain, John ‘Ban’ MacKay

A sister of Farquhar Qure marries Alexander Bayn in 1455, 3rd son of John Bayn MacKay they had four sons in their family (Donald 1461, *Alexander 1462, John 1463 and David 1465

1482 Alexander Bayn moves to Dingwall area from Olrig, Caithness. He married in 1482 and had four sons (Duncan 1489 -1518, John 1490, William 1500, and Alexander 1503)

1500 With the death of Farquhar Qure the Castle passed into the wardship of the Crown.

1513 Repairs were made to the Castle 1526 James the 5th granted lands to Walter Innes.

1541 Lands of Qulch were given by James the 5th to Alexander Bayn

1542 The Tulloch estate was granted to Duncan Bayn, he became the first Bayn Laird.

Source: TBC

During the Bain reign at Tulloch Castle more land was acquired and additions to the castle were made.

The additional lands at Docharty (Davochcarte) and Kinnairdies being obtained from Clan Munro.

In 1665 a new wing was added and in 1675 further extension and works were carried out with more work taking place in 1747 before the estate was sold to the Davidson family in 1762.

The quote below indicates some of the works done.  There are also believed to be charters confirming the granting of the lands which I have yet to source and look into.

1563 The lands of Davochcarte (Docharty) were obtained from the Munros, and added to the Tulloch estate. A crown charter was granted by Queen Mary for these lands.

1633 The Bayns obtained Kinnairdies from the Munros of Foulis.

1644 The rental of lands to John Bayn took in 906 pounds

1665 the Castle was built on the keep. Built as a square with a large court yard in the middle with the main entrance facing east

1675 Additions were made to the Castle

Source: TBC

The slide show below shows Tulloch Castle as it stands in 2016.

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Over the years, Tulloch Castle has served as a family home for members of the Clan Bain and for Clan Davidson, and later as a hospital after the evacuation of Dunkirk, and as a hostel for the local education authority.

Although most of the land has been sold off and houses have been built in it’s place, the castle itself still stands and is currently used as a hotel.  You can book a room to stay at the castle and a particular feature is the ghost tours associated with the Davidson family that latterly called the castle home.






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