Celtic Connections – Our Irish Family

Ok so whilst this post is not strictly (just) about the Bain ancestors, it does resonate with me as the journey to find out about our past and where we come from doesn’t just concern one line of ancestors but is a cumulation of all our ancestors and these are mine.

To date I have managed to trace our Bain line in documented records as far back as 1763 and found articles pointing to origins much further back confirming the Bain family roots are firmly planted in Scotland and have been for centuries.

Although having begun to look into the ancestors of my other grandparents, I noticed that whilst there is a strong connection to Scotland particularly over the last 100 to 150 years, quite a few of the family lines originally came from Ireland before settling in Scotland.

I have yet to look into any of the other lines in-depth but as Irish Genealogy are today putting the historical Irish records online (to access for free), I have been reminded of our Irish ancestors and prompted to look into this further.

All of my great-grandparents themselves were born in Scotland, as were the majority of their descendents. However half of them had at least one line of ancestors that originated in Ireland, showing the true nature of the Celtic Nations and their interwoven family ties.

I look forward to delving into the records and exploring this part of the family tree and our Celtic Connections.

For now I’ll briefly summarise what I know of our Scottish-Irish links;

Great-Grandparents & their Origins

  • Robert Gardner Bain  

Both his parents’ ancestors (Bain & Cameron) originate in Scotland.

  • Margaret Kerr Rae Stewart

Both her parents’ ancestors (Stewart and Rae) originate in Scotland.

  • Alexander Chalmers McGirr

His fathers line (McGirr) originates in Ireland.  His mothers line (Chalmers) appears to originate in Scotland.

  • Elizabeth Connell Henderson Howell 

Her mothers line (Henderson) originates in Scotland but her fathers line (Howell) originates in Ireland. 

  • Andrew Mitchell 

The Mitchell line comes from Scotland. 

  • Elizabeth McKillop 

Again although the families have been in Scotland since in early 1800s, both her parents’ lines (McKillop and McQuillian) originally came from Ireland.

  • Edward Deehan 

His fathers’ line (Deehan) originates in Ireland and came to Scotland in the late 1800s. His mothers line (MacKenzie) is from Scotland

  • Elizabeth Aitken 

Her father’s line (Aitken) came from Scotland.  Her mothers line (Galbraith) originally came from Ireland and settled in Scotland in the mid 1800s.

My main line of research and hence the name of the blog was always my Scottish ancestors, although I knew at least one of my ancestral lines came from Ireland it wasn’t an area I had much of an interest in. However after typing this post I can see a clear pattern of Irish ancestry and migration to Scotland emerge which I had not paid attention to before.

I understand that there was mass Irish migration to Scotland in the 19th century which would fit with the origins of these lines and their migration from Ireland to Scotland in the 1800s.

Irish-Scots are people in Scotland who are of immediate or traceable distinct Irish Ancestry. Although migration between Ireland and Scotland has an established history (both ways) owing to their close proximity, Irish migration to Scotland increased in the nineteenth century, and was particularly strong following the Great Famine. In this period, the Irish typically settled in the cities such as Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and towns like Coatbridge and industrial areas such as Fife.

This has piqued my curiosity and now that there is free online access to the Irish records,  I can see what I will be spending my time on in the next few months!

However for now I am currently following the line Robert G Bain and Our Scottish Clan and will continue the story of the Clan Bain before moving on to the other lines in due course.



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