John Bain 1865 – 1942

I did say in my introduction to this blog that we would jump back and forth through the centuries a bit as I follow and document the trail and try to make some sort of order out of the mass of data.

In this vein jumping back from the theme of some of the recent posts on the origins of Clan Bain and John “Bain” MacKay the first Bain, I am now going back to our line and our very own John Bain.

John Bain is the father of my great-grandfather Robert Gardner Bain and the grandson of James Bain The Lock Keeper.

John Bain was born on 18/04/1865 in Clachnaharry, Inverness, Scotland.

His parents were Hugh Bain and Euphemia Grieve.

John Bain had 3 brothers and 3 sisters; James Bain (1863) Euphemia Bain (1864) Margaret Bain (1866) Johanna Bain (1868) Hugh Robert Bain (1874) William Bain (1886) and Agnes Bain (1887)

Whilst the descendents of the female lines would have lost the Bain name it is likely that there are descedants with the Bain name from John’s brothers as well as from our line.  Do you think you are a descendent from one of John Bain’s sibligings? 

By the 1871 census, John Bain age 6 is shown living with his parents Hugh & Euphemia Bain at 1 Wemyss Place, Glasgow Barony.

The census also shows his siblings James Bain (8) Euphemia Bain (4) Margaret Bain (4) & Johanna Bain (2).

This record indicates that it was sometime between 1865 when John Bain was born in Inverness and the 1871 census that our line of the Bain family, starting with John’s parents Hugh Bain and Euphemia Grieve and their offspring migrated from the Highlands to Glasgow. 

The 1881 census shows 15 year old John Bain living with his parents and siblings at 22 Westbury Street, Glasgow Milton.

John Bain was married to Betsy Isabella Cameron on 15/07/1887 in Glasgow.

Betsy Isabella Cameron was the daughter of John Cameron and Betsy Isabella Campbell, and came from Perthshire. We will investigate the Clan Cameron and Clan Campbell links later. 

I have not tracked the 1891 census records as yet, but by 1901 census John Bain and his wife Betsy Bain are shown living at 11 Douglas Street, Paisley.  John’s occupation is a sewing machine fitter.  Living with them are their children Catherine Bain (12), Janet Bain (7) Euphemia Bain (5) Grace Bain (3) James Bain (1) and 6 month old Christina Bain.

The 1911 census shows John Bain (45), Betsy Bain (42), Catherine Bain (22), Janet Bain (19), Euphemia Bain (15), Grace Bain (13), James Bain (11), Hugh Bain (9), Robert Bain (7), John Bain (5), Betsy Bain (4) and Christina Bain (8 months).

The young Christina Bain in the 1911 record is thought to be Catherine Bain’s daughter, John’s grand-daughter.  As the Christina Bain indicated in 1901 would have been around 10 in this record.  She does appear to be missing, which needs to be investigated further.

It is in the 1911 record, John’s son Robert (my great-grand father) appears, having been born on 01/12/1902.

Please note that census records often contain inaccruacies or missing information and regularly ages or names are recorded incorrectly. They do however allow us to build a picture and link a family group with other members and places which facilitates finding the real information from records where available.

John Bain (1865-1942) and Betsy Isabella Cameron (1868-1935)

In summary John Bain (my 2nd great-grandfather) was born in Inverness in 1865 and moved to Glasgow as a child sometime before 1871 where he met and married Betsy Isabella Cameron (my 2nd great-grandmother).

They lived in Glasgow for a short while before moving to Paisley where they settled with their children:

  • Catherine Bain (1889)
  • Janet Bain (1892)
  • Euphemia Bain (1896)
  • Grace Bain (1999)
  • James Bain (1900)
  • Christina Bain (1901)
  • Hugh Bain (1901)
  • Robert Gardner Bain (1902)
  • John Bain (1906)
  • Betsy Bain (1907)

My line descends from Robert Gardner Bain.

He had 6 sisters and 3 brothers, with the Bain family name being carried down the male line and further family ties where the female lines took on unknown marital names.

I have come across some of the descendents of Robert’s brother, Hugh Bain who was also born in Paisley and will hopefully do a follow-up post on this line.

Do you think you could be descendant from one of John Bain and Betsy Isabella Cameron’s children born in Glasgow or Paisley between 1889 and 1907?

If you think descendants 0f one of John’s siblings or one of his children, we would love to connect and try to fill in the missing pieces.





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  2. My grandad was william cobain born 1923 in possilpark glasgow. His dad was joseph patrick cobain born 1888 in st rollox Glasgow


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