Hugh Bain 1840 – 1887

Now moving on to Hugh Bain (my 3rd great-grandfather), the father of John Bain and son of James Bain.

Hugh Bain was the first of our line to migrate from Inverness to Glasgow. He brought his wife Euphemia Grieve and their young children with him.

Hugh Bain (1840 – 1887) & Euphemia Grieve (1845 – 1918)

Hugh Bain was born on 23 March 1840.

His parents were James Bain and Margaret McDonald.

Births, Inverness, 1840
23 March 1840. Hugh BAIN, son of James BAIN, house carpenter,Markinch, and Margaret McDONALD. Baptised 6 April 1840. Witnesses Alexander McDONALD& James WILLIAMSON.


The 1841 census shows Hugh Bain age 1, living with his parents James Bain (25) and Margaret Bain  (20). They are living at King Street, Inverness. James’ occupation is listed as joiner.

There is a Donald Bain (30) also living with them and he is listed as a carpenter. It would appear that this is not a sibling of James but possibly a cousin or more distant relative.


The 1851 census shows Hugh Bain (11) scholar, son of Margaret Bain. Margaret Bain (32) is listed as the head.  James Bain is not listed, although Margaret is listed as a Journeyman Carpenter’s wife. Also living with them is Hugh’s siblings William Bain (10), Margaret Bain (3) and James Bain (1)

They are living at 38 Madras Street, Inverness. At this point it is believed that Margaret Bain (nee McDonald) is living apart from James Bain as she is caring for her father, Hugh McDonald (ship owner) who died at the address in 1854 as noted in the Inverness Advertiser Feb 1854.



The 1861 census shows Hugh Bain (21) living as a boarder at 7 Lower Kess Street, Inverness. His occupation is listed as Printer Journeyman.


Hugh Bain and Euphemia Grieve were married on 24 October 1862 in Inverness.

Marriages, Inverness, 1862
On 24th day of October at Clachnaharry after banns according to the forms of the Church of Scotland
Hugh BAIN, aged 22, bachelor, compositor, living at Inverness, son of James BAIN, joiner, and Margaret BAIN, maiden surname McDONALD
Euphemia GRIEVE, aged 17, spinster, living at Clachnaharry, daughter of John GRIEVE, ship owner, and Euphemia GRIEVE, maiden surname DARG
Witnesses: James BAIN &Thomas McINTOSH


Census records for the McDonald line indicate that Hugh Bain’s uncle Alexander McDonald (his mother’s brother) and witness to his parents marriage was a Printer and it is suspected he learned his trade via him.


Hugh Bain & his family moved from Inverness to Glasgow sometime between his son John Bain being born in 1865 and the 1871 census.


The 1871 census shows Hugh Bain (31) married to Euphemia Bain (25) living with their children; James Bain (8), John Bain (6), Euphemia Bain (4), Johanna Bain (2).

They are living at 1 Wemyss Place, Glasgow Barony, Lanarkshire Hugh is a Printer Compositer.


The compositors job was to set or compose or arrange type in order for printing.  In his left hand he would hold the compositing stick, which is a device which holds the collected type at the required width of the line.  The right hand collects the type from the galley racks and places it in the composing stick.  A good compositor would pick up between two and three thousand types an hour.  To undertake this job took a great deal of skill and manual dexterity.  The type must be placed in the composing stick in the right order and the correct way up to ensure an error free printing.


The 1881 census shows Hugh Bain listed as Joseph Bain (41) married to Euphemia Bain (37). Living with them are their children: James Bain (18),) John Bain (15), Euphemia Bain (17), Margaret (14), Granna (Johanna) (12) and Hugh R Bain (6).

Hugh Bain is a Compositor. James Bain is an Engineer and young John Bain is a Machinist. They are living at 22 Westbury Street, Glasgow Milton, Lanarkshire.


Hugh Bain died in Kelvin, Glasgow on 3 February 1887 aged 47.

Deaths, Kelvin, Glasgow, 1887
Hugh BAIN, compositor (journeyman), married to Euphemia GRIEVE, died on 3 February 1887, 7h 30m pm at 161 New City Road, Glasgow, aged 47 years
Parents: James BAIN, joiner (deceased)and Margaret BAIN, maiden surname McDONALD
Cause of death: heart disease
Informant: John BAIN (son)


The 1901 census shows Euphemia Bain (56) living at 25 Braid Street, Glasgow St George, Lanarkshire.

Living with her are her sons James Bain (38) an Iron Turner and Hugh Bain (26) a Still Trunk Machinist, as well as their younger siblings Agnes Bain (15) and William Bain (13).  Her grandson Robert Finlay (15) also appears to be living with them.


Euphemia Bain (73), maiden name Grieve, died at 25 Braid Street, Glasgow in 1918.


Hugh Bain and Euphemia Grieve had 8 children in total;

  • James Bain -1863
  • Euphemia Bain -1864
  • John Bain – 1865
  • Margaret Bain – 1866
  • Johanna Bain – 1868
  • Hugh Robert Bain – 1874
  • William Bain – 1886
  • Agnes Bain – 1887


Our line is from John Bain 1865.  

Could you be descendant from one of the other siblings?

These Bain lines are likely to be in and around the Glasgow/Paisley areas of Scotland or can be tracked back to here around the time the family moved to Glasgow c 1870.




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