Our Bain Line & The Missing Links

I am a financial adviser to trade, so I am used to taking complex data and information, analysing and presenting this. I have a preference for charts and tables as I find it much easier to find patterns and information when it is laid out in the format.

These charts started life as a check list for me but I thought that it may be useful to actually show you the information in this way.

The first chart shows the Bain line back from myself 8 generations to William Bain(e).


Family from my great-grandfather Robert to present time can connect themselves up to the 4th generation with all previous generations being common ancestors to us all.

I would love to find the families of the siblings from the 4th generation to the 8th generations.

The table below shows a summary of the data I have collated to date on them.  It shows the brothers and sisters of our lineage and further Bain families.


However as indicated in my previous posts, my main goal is to link us back to one of the original Bane brothers.

I am not sure of how many further generations there are, but estimating one every 30 years shows there could be as many as another 10 generations or more!

The table below shows the estimated generations and approximate year of birth, taking us back to mid 1400s when the original Bane brothers; John, William, Alexander and Donald were born.


Can you help complete the missing link?



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