Sources of Clan Origins

Over the years I have come across various bits of information on websites or old books and often forget about them for years or completely.

Now that the blog is here, I have decided to document them as I come across them for my use as well as yours.


Today  have come across a page in the book “The history and house of Clan MacKay” by Robert Mackay published in January 1829.


It confirms the origins of Clan Bain to John Bain MacKay and also indicates the families of his brothers and their differing surnames and our associated clans.  It also confirms the relation from the original Bane family and the Bayne’s of Tulloch.

In addition it provides clues to the charters of land and the dates these were granted.


Of course the information is secondary from a book but not many other families had their own family historians back in the day and this sort of information may be all we have to go on going back further than the civil records




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