Battle of Drumnacoub

The Battle of Drumnacoub was a battle involving factions of the Clan Mackay fought in the far northwest of Scotland between 1427 and 1433.

It took place on a hill called Carn Fada at the southern end of the Kyle of Tongue, between Ben Loyal and the village of Tongue.

Niel Nielson Mackay and Morgan Nielson Mackay were attempting to take the Mackay lands from their cousin, chief Angus Du Mackay.

On one side was the old chief, Angus Du (Dow) Mackay and his second son John Aberach Mackay.

On the other side were Angus’s cousins Niel Neilson Mackay and Morgan Neilson Mackay, led by Angus Murray and backed by men from the Clan Sutherland .


Clan Mackay Crest

‘Manu Forti’

With a Stong Hand





Clan Sutherland Crest

‘Sans Peur’

Without Fear





When I first came across the Battle of Drumnacoub in A J Lawrence’s book ‘The Clan Bain with its Ancestral and Related Scottish Clans’, there was very little online about this however over the past couple of years, its seems to have caught the attention of a few bloggers and rather than re-invent the wheel as they say I have picked the best of the blogs which give the best overview and cite the sources.

The first is from Wiki Tree;

and the other Kith & Kin Chronicles.

Both of these links provide a good write-up of and include sources or further reading for those interested.




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