Battle of Logiebride

When I was researching our Bain ancestors, I came across a reference of the Bayne’s/Bain’s of Tulloch being involved in a Battle with the Bayne/Bain family and Clan Munro on once side and Clan Mackenzie on the other.

It was called the Battle of Logiebride and took place in 1597 near Conon Bridge in the county of Ross.

The River Conon - - 208142

The River Conon –

Photo by Donald Bain [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Battle of Logiebride or Logie-Riach, also known as Tumult in Ross was more of a small skirmish rather than an actual battle. The disturbance is said to have taken place on 4 February 1597 at the Logie Candlemas market near Conan House (a mile south-west of Conon Brige) between men of the Clan Mackenzie against men of the Clan Munro and the Bain family of Tulloch Castle.

There seems to be a few different accounts of this battle depending on who told the tale but the general gist of it was that a brother of Duncan Bain of Tulloch got into a fight with someone. The Bain fellow was backed up by his brother and the Bains of Tulloch and the Clan Munro whilst the Clan MacKenzie backed up the other guy.

As with the Battle of Drumnacoub others have written on this topic (and I know relatively little of it) so I will share the links to these for further reading.

Although I usually prefer original sources,  Wiki has various links and a good overview of the differing accounts of the Battle of Logiebride:

It also links to the other sources which is helpful.

I will post other links and sources as I come across them as the ones I have found to date just regurgitate the wiki stuff.



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