Bane / Bain / Bayne – Lairds of Tulloch 1542 – 1762

Alexander Bane (grandson of John Bane Mackay) was the first Bane Laird. He moved from Olrig in Caithness to Dingwall in 1482.

In 1541 lands at Qulch were granted to Alexander Bane by King James V. A year later in 1542 his son Duncan was granted the lands of Tulloch and became the 1st Laird of Tulloch.

The tree below shows the descendants of John Bane Mackay and in particular the Tulloch line.

The tree above was taken from a report by John Bain of Canada and based on information in A J Lawrence’s The Clan Bain and its Ancestral and Related Clans.  See link in caption.


The Clan Bain was linked to Tulloch for over 200 years from 1542 to 1762 and were the 1st to 9th Lairds of Tulloch before it passed to the Clan Davidson.

Bane / Bain / Bayne – Lairds of Tulloch 1542 – 1762


1st Laird of Tulloch – Duncan Bane

1542 Duncan Bane  (Alexander’s oldest son) was granted the Tulloch Estate and became the first Bane Laird of Tulloch.

2nd  Laird of Tulloch – Alexander Bane

1559 Alexander Bane (Duncan’s oldest son) became the 2nd Bane Laird of Tulloch.

3rd Laird of Tulloch – Duncan Bain

1623 Duncan Bain (Alexander’s oldest son) became the 3rd Laird of Tulloch.

4th Laird of Tulloch – John Bain

1647 John Bain became the 4th Laird of Tulloch. He was second son of Duncan Bain.  His elder brother Alexander died young.

5th Laird of Tulloch – Sir Donald Bayne

1669 Donald Bayne became the 5th Laird and changed the spelling to Bayne after he was knighted and became Sir Donald Bayne. He was the eldest son of Duncan Bain and grandson of John Bain the 4th Laird. Duncan died before his father and therefore Donald inherited the title.

6th Laird of Tulloch – Kenneth Bayne

1709 Kenneth Bayne son of Sir Donald Bayne became the 6th Laird of Tulloch.  He died with no heirs and the estate passed to Roderick Bayne “Tutor of Tulloch” line.

7th Laird of Tulloch – John Bayne

1719 John Bayne eldest son of Roderick Bayne Tutor of Tulloch became the 7th Laird.

8th Laird of Tulloch – Kenneth Bayne

1720 Kenneth Bayne bought the estate from his brother John and became the 8th Laird.

9th Laird of Tulloch – Kenneth Bayne

1747 Kenneth Bayne son of Kenneth Bayne the 8th Laird became the 9th Laird.

1st Davidson Laird of Tulloch – Henry Davidson

1762 Kenneth Bayne sold the estate to his cousin Henry Davidson (son of Jean/Elizabeth Bayne and William Davidson) ending the Bayne line at Tulloch and beginning the Clan Davidson line.



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