William Bain c1760

Now on to William Bain and the piece of the puzzle I am currently stuck on.

William Bain, the weaver who lived to over a 100!

William Bain was the father of James ‘Simon MacKenzie’ Bain as noted on James’ baptism record.


Although the record unusually does not name the mother, other records detail children of William Bain and Isobel Urquhart before and after James.

James’ death certificate also confirms his parents as William Bain and Isabella Urquhart.

Now having confirmed his parents name and found a possible birth in the parish indicated in the census records and death certificate, I had help from a proper genealogist to locate the family in records.

Jane the genealogist helped find the family group of William Bain and Isobel Urquhart and their children all born in the Kiltearn area of Inverness between 1793 and 1814 allowing us to assume that the record above and therefore James Simon MacKenzie Bain fits with this family group.

But where does the Simon MacKenzie fit in and why is it not shown on later records? And why is Isobel/Isabella’s name note on James baptism?

Having traced the baptism records of William Bain and Isobel Urquhart’s children in the Kiltearn parish, Jane was then able to find the marriage record for William Bain & Isobel Urquhart confirming they were married on 16 March 1792 in Kiltearn.

From the marriage record, we could assume that William Bain and Isobel Urquhart were born prior to 1776.

Although there are a few possibilities in the records which would allow us to move at least a generation back, we had no way of confirming which one would be correct and therefore the search for possible clues continues.

William Bain and Isobel Urquhart were born c 1770 and married in Kiltearn in 1792. They had 9 children.

  • Anna Bain (1793)
  • Margaret Bain (1795)
  • Robert Bain (1797)
  • Mary Bain (1799)
  • Robert Bain (1801)
  • Emelia Bain (1803)
  • Harry Bain (1808)
  • James Simon McKenzie Bain (1811)
  • William Bain (1814)


In addition to providing us with details of James siblings and therefore further Bain connections, these baptism records also provide details of the areas they lived which are all within a few miles of the Tulloch Estate further linking us to the Dingwall branch of the Bain family.

You will note that the couples youngest son, William Bain had alias Garve on his birth record which is presumed to  differentiate him from the numerous other William Bain’s. Again it provides a link to the Dingwall/Tulloch area.

Another thing the records show is William Bain’s occupation as a weaver and the fact that they had a son Harry Bain.

There are stories of a William Bain weaver living to nearly a 100.

In the 1851 census records I found a William Bain age 95 (meaning he would have been born 1756) living with his son Harry Bain in Kiltearn.  Now Harry Bain is not as common as William Bain, could this be our William in 1851 and age 95?


During the research I came across a reference of the Bain’s of Docharty Booklet written by Hugh Urquhart which traced his Urquhart/Bain connections.

Whilst I did not manage to get hold of a full copy of this, I was able to make contact with a kind researcher in New Zealand (thanks Chris) who looked up and sent me some relevant information in respect of William Bain and Isobel Urquhart.

This confirmed William and Isobel Uquhart and some of their children;

Isobel URQUHART was christened 15 October 1766 at Kiltearn Church.
Isobel URQUHART married William BAIN. William Bain was a weaver at Strongay.
Isobel URQUHART and William BAIN had the following children:
  • Mary BAIN christened 21 February 1799 Kiltearn
  • Robert BAIN christened 12 July 1801, KIltearn
  • Emilia BAIN christened 3 February 1803, Kiltearn
  • Colin BAIN christened 7 October 1804, Kiltearn
  • Harry BAIN christened 6 September 1808

It also provided new information by way of Isobel’s birth date and her parents (again like the other related families we will look into the Urquhart connection later)

Whilst missing details of some of the children, it provided the name of another son Colin Bain born in 1804, which would fit with the birth spacing of the family group and would mean they in fact had 10 children possibly more.

Thanks to Chris is New Zealand, we now have a new piece of the jigsaw in the Urquhart line.

Hopefully this will provide some clues as to which of the William Bain’s born in Kiltearn between 1756 and 1776 is ours which will complete another link but just having Isobel’s birth date confirming she was born in 1766, we can assume William was born prior to this and therefore narrow our focus.








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