I have had an exciting few days with the family research and one of the highlights is making contact with another Bain whom has kindly granted me permission to use some of his amazing photos.  I would like to give my warmest thanks to Gordon Bain @ Longhouse Photography whom retains copy right of all photos on this post.

Although I had not planned to post about the Jacobites or Culloden, these photos showing the Moor, Memorial Cairn and Culloden House just has to be shared.

The Battle of Culloden – 16th April 1746, is a well-known part of our Scottish History and there have been many who have studied and researched and indeed written far more on the topic than I could ever wish, so I won’t try.

However should you wish to read more I would recommend the Culloden Battlefield Blog

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did and how they capture the wonderful and changing sky around Culloden Moor at different times of day and during the various times of year.


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