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So after saying I was going to post more, I ended up not posting or researching at all in January.  Work and home life just seemed out of control with little time for anything else, which was frustrating as I had a lot of contact via the blog in January and an immense amount of data and research to sift through, not to mention contacts made and other avenues to explore.

No wonder some people wait until retirement or spend 30 or more years researching, it is fascinating but there is so much of it, it becomes all-consuming.

Anyway to give you a little insight into some of the discussions that have been going on and to act as a little reminder / to do list for myself, I’ll summarise it.


Barony of Tulloch 

In January I was contact by a gent named David who is currently researching the Barony of Tulloch and the Kings Charters.

Whilst I wasn’t able to help him with his goal of obtaining / seeing the original charters, we did share some information and he put me in contact with others which has provided further useful info.

Thanks for getting in touch David.

I would ask if anyone reading the blog can point us in the right direction on where to find these, it would be much appreciated.


Davidson of Tulloch 

David put me in touch with Nick, who is a descendant of the Davidson’s of Tulloch and is researching his line.

He has provided me with some fascinating information but I think one of the main points to note is the Davidson paperwork now at the archives which includes Bayne of Tulloch family documentation. This is some of the paperwork that was always believed destroyed in fire so an immense find!

Another interesting point I noted from our discussions was the possibility of Bayne family graves at St Clements in Dingwall. So if anyone is up this way and willing to have a look at Graves then please look at St Clements and if you have time take a look at Tomnahurich too as I was told there is a good chance of some ancestors there.

There is much more information but I need to re-read and analyse to understand fully before I can even comprehend writing about it.

Thanks very much Nick, much appreciated and do keep in touch.


Rich Bain from New Zealand 

So already January was off to an excellent start in terms of further avenues to explore in relation to the Bain family genealogy, when I got a message from a Bain family researcher based in New Zealand.

Rich helped me out with a few queries I had and explained he had been researching the Bain family for many years and has a lot of research on not only his line but many of the branches.  He also told me about DNA testing which was particularly interesting as I had already requested some info on this but wasn’t sure whether or not to proceed.

I am also eternally grateful to him as he provided me with a copy of the Bains of Docharty by Hugh Urquhart. Now I have been desperate to get a copy of this for years so I am very excited about this, but it deserves a whole post of its own so I will leave it at that for now.

I will be in touch again Rich just as soon as I have digested some of the information you sent.  Thanks again.


DNA Testing 

I had looked into DNA testing briefly before but it seemed confusing and expensive, I was also a little miffed that the testing seemed predominately for males.

However now that I have had it explained to me a little by someone who understands how it works, I am curious as to whether this could complete my missing link.

The big sting in this plan is that I am not male, looks like I’ll need to talk dad or the uncles into this one. At least its painless!!



John –  Wick Bain line 

Now as if the above was not enough, January also blessed me with contact with John who shared a tale of his Bain line.

I think the following summary he sent is so well written so I am going post exactly as it was provided.   I think it seems of character the Bain family or of what I am learning of them and their character.

My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was Donald Bain, who was born in Unapool,Wick in 1774, on the 9th March. By the time he was 20 he had moved to the Redruth area of Cornwall, when he worked at various jobs including schoolmaster, private tutor and estate manager.
Although Donald Bain appears to have spent most of his adult life in this area, there is evidence that he spent some time in the 1820’s in the Plymstock area of Devon.

From the 1830’s onwards he was back in the Redruth area where he was involved with the management of Portreath harbour. It is possible that by the time of his death he had gained a controlling interest in the harbour company.

In 1807 he married Harriet Wise, the daughter of a surgeon from Redruth. They had at least six children, including my Great-Great-Grandmother Harriet.

He died on the 18th April 1850 and was buried in the churchyard of Illogan parish church, near Redruth.

Donald Bain b. 9 Mar. 1774* to Parents:-
Donald Bain & Christine Bain maiden surname Bain. Have not found a Marriage for this Couple
Children born to Donald & Christine
William, son b. 25 Sep. 1767 Wick
James, son b. 20 Apr. 1770 Wick
Donald, 1774*
Christine, Dau. b. 31 Mar.1777 Wick
Barbara, Dau.b. 9 Oct. 1779 Wick
All info comes from Scotlands People.

Donald son David Wise Bain became the richest man in Cornwall in 1890 when he took over the Carn Brea mine for debts owed as he was harbour master at the time. He ran successful business until it was taken over by his son Frederick in mining and shipping. The son however lost nearly all of the money by the end of the 1920’s. My grandmother was Frederick’s daughter!

There were a number of Bain’s at Culloden including a Donald Bain, Labourer. I am trying to find out if this Donald Bain who comes from Dunrobin is our Donald Bain!

If it is then I think our branch of the Bain’s is a cross between Outlander and Poldark!

Thanks John, and please do keep in touch.


Mary,  Bain line South Africa 

Now last but not least, I got another message via the blog from Mary in South Africa who shared a little bit of her family history.

I am writing from South Africa. My Great great Grandfather was William Bain from Cromarty.

He was a ship owner and Inn Keeper and as far as I can gather the ship was called Cromarty?

His wife was called Christine. Their daughter Margaret Jordan Bain came to South Africa apparently as a school teacher where she married Maximillian John Geyer from Munich. William Bain died on 20 August 1868.

I found this particularly fascinating due to my own families links with the area, ship building and South Africa.

Thanks for getting in touch Mary.

I will explore each of these areas further although as it could be sometime before I get around to it with current time constraints, I thought a little summary of progress was called for.

I also wanted to thank those that have been in touch and to apologise for the rather lack lustre response in the interim, it is really just a lack of time that is the issue.

I am grateful of your contact and fascinated to learn your stories, so please do get in touch, share your stories and keep in contact.

Our Branch’s Family Reunion 

Whilst I am finding the journey exploring my family history and the roots of the Bain clan, one of the things I have enjoyed the most about exploring the family history is that as well as getting in touch with like-minded and distant relations I have met in the process, it has also brought my immediate branch together.  In this respect I mean the descendants of my great-grandparents.

Having lost contact over the years, learning about our shared history has brought many of us together and for the first time in October 2017 we are gathering at Tulloch Castle for a re-union to get to know one and other.

I never really expected this to take off so I am pleased that it is now happening and the plans are rolling, I must thank Norah Bain, Liz Bain and Jackie Bain for all your help in making this happen.

I also love the fact that everyone is keen on wearing the family tartan “ancient mackay”.

All going well, maybe next time we can open this up to other Bain.  We would need to find a bigger venue though, as Tulloch Castle only has 20 rooms.

Clan Association & Clan Gathering 

During the research I noticed that there are no associations for the Clan Bain / Bain Family and this is something I would like to put right by forming an association.

Now that our branch is taking the steps to have our first mini gathering / family reunion, it has implanted the idea of a larger Clan Gathering in my mind.

However to make either of these work, there needs to be more than myself and my branch involved, we need to find the other Bain’s.

Is there Bain family members out there that would like to see an association formered which could then possibly pave the way for a larger Clan Gathering at a later date? 







2 responses to “Family Research

  1. Hi there,
    Touching base from New Zealand. I am a BAYNE was always told due to this spelling that we came from the
    Bayne of Tulloch.
    My ancestors came to NZ on Sir Edward Paget arriving
    In Otago 1856. They seemed to have been associated with Perthshire- Muthill etc. (farming/whiskey making- official/unofficial)
    The line goes cold as in I can’t find clarity-
    Shall I send you names dates etc. see if you may know or add to the jigsaw.


    • Hi Jillian,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I think you are in the same boat as a lot of us so connecting the information we have would be a good start. Please do use the contact form to send your info as this comes to my email and I can review and respond directly. Many thanks Victoria


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