Alexander Bain – Scottish Inventor & Engineer (1811 – 1877)

Alexander Bain was a famous Scottish Inventor & Engineer.

Alexander Bain

He was born in Watten, Caithness on 12/10/1811. Alexander had a twin Margaret and 11 other siblings, in all 6 brothers and 6 sisters.

His career began as an apprentice to a Clock Maker in Wick, before moving to Edinburgh and London.

Alexander Bain went on to invent and patent the Electric Clock (shown below).

Bain First electric clock

He installed the railway telegraph lines between Edinburgh and Glasgow and his inventions and designs were instrumental in creating the fax machine, which led to the BT (British Telecoms) building in Glasgow being named Alexander Bain House in his honour.

There is a function suite at Scotland’s National Stadium, Hampden Park, named the Bain Suite in honour of Alexander Bain and his achievements.

I have been told there is also a pub in his home town of Wick named the Alexander Bain.



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