Have any of you read or seen the Outlander series??

What can I say, the TV series is fabulous and the Author of the original book series, Diana Gabaldon is my new hero!

The Outlander series is more than just a historical fiction novel.  There is a huge series of them, all with fantastic and deep characters interwoven within a complex time in Scottish history. They are all written in such a way that the stories can stand on their own as separate short stories or read in sequence as an epic tale…. It really is a master peace.  I cannot comprehend what it would take to produce something of this volume and detail yet still retain a sense of entertainment to it.

I know that the story between the main characters is fiction, but there is something of a realism to the period in respect of the language and setting which is really useful and unique and no doubt aided Starz in producing one of the best TV series I have seen in a long-time. September 2017 when Season 3 is released cannot come quick enough!!

I had not come across Outlander until recently when the books were made into a TV series.  Unfortunately for us Scots, the UK Prime Minister effectively put a stop to it being shown on main stream TV in the UK and in particular Scotland for fear of fuelling the Independence movement during the 2014 Independence Referendum.  I was fortunate enough to come across the full series 1 and 2 and must I say WOW. I can honestly say that is the most I have watched TV in a longtime.  Not only is there a fantastic story and characters, the setting during one of Scotland’s more turbulent historical periods of time and setting in our ancestral land and in particular the Scottish Highlands where we hail from. I was drawn the program initially for background information on the period and I was not disappointed in the depth of knowledge and research into the history of our country is outstanding.

Since seeing the TV series, I have found that there are many more in the original book series continuing the wonderful tale of a timeless love and time travel inter-wined with particularly detailed knowledge of the political and social events, particularly during the 18th century.

Anyway back to the point, the main reason I mentioned Outlander is that I was reminded of the Bain families links recently, so I thought I would share them.

In Outlander the main character is Jamie Fraser (and Claire Randall).  Jamie is part of the Fraser Clan and is related to Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat as well as the MacKenzies.

Now whilst the characters are fictional, the names were real and very much related to our Bain family.

  • Alexander Bane 2nd Laird of Tulloch was married to Agnes Fraser (second wife), who was the daughter of James Fraser and niece of Hugh, 5th Lord Lovat.

** Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat in Outlander was the 11th Lord Lovat.

  • Duncan Bane 3rd Laird of Tulloch was married to Isabel MacKenzie (second wife) who was the daughter of Alexander MacKenzie II of Fairburn.
  • John Bane 4th Laird of Tulloch was married to Elizabeth MacKenzie daughter of Roderick MacKenzie I or Redcastle.
  • Duncan Bane, eldest son of the 4th Laird of Tulloch, married Catherine MacKenzie, daughter of Alexander MacKenzie of Kilcoy.
  • Sir Donald Bayne 5th Laird of Tulloch was married to Annabella MacKenzie, daughter of John MacKenzie II of Applecross.
  • Kenneth Bayne 6th Laird of Tulloch was married to Isabel MacKenzie, daughter of Sir Kenneth MacKenzie of Scatwell.
  • John Bayne 7th Laird of Tulloch’s mother was Helen MacKenzie.

As you can see from the above short summary, the Bain family link to the Clan MacKenzie was evident particularly during the 17th and 18th centuries.







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