Andrew Bain, Bell & Bain Printers

The firm of Bell & Bain are one of Scotland’s oldest companies and is still trading today.

They were established in 1832 by James Bell and Andrew Bain. 

The firm of Bell and Bain was established in Glasgow in 1832 by James Bell and Andrew Bain, who took over the premises of Curll and Bell (James Bell’s former partnership). The first premises were in Bell Street, though the firm moved from there to Royal Exchange, and later St Enoch Square. When the St Enoch tube station was built the company moved to Mitchell Street, and in 1973 finally moved into its present home, a 30,000 square foot factory in Thornliebank. Of the original partners, Bain died in 1858 and Bell in 1891.

Oldest Scottish Companies

This article in the Glasgow story gives a brief outline of James Bell and Andrew Bain of Bell and Bain Printers, Glasgow.

The Glasgow Story 

The company is still trading today and there is a little bit on their website about the founders.

Bell & Bain Ltd 

The original partners of Bell & Bain and their families are buried at a lair in Glasgow

Glasgow Necropolis 

Andrew Bain’s son Andrew became involved with Bell & Bain briefly before finding his fortune in shipping.

There is a large collection of donated books at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow called the Andrew Bain Memorial Collection. It was Andrew Bain Jr that donated the book collection to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow as a Memorial to his father.

It is again Andrew Bain Jr shown in the picture. on the Mitchell Library link.

This booklet describes the history of printing in Glasgow in particular and quotes the involvement of Andrew Bain of Bell & Bain Printers.








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