Which William?

I managed to get a little distracted from the original goal of tracing my branch of the family tree, so getting back on track. The last confirmed/documented ancestor in our branch is a William Bain.

What we know of William, is that he lived in Fodderty when he married Isobel Urquhart on 16th March 1792.   They had a number of children including our direct ancestor James Simon MacKenzie Bain.  Isobel’s name is missing from James’ birth record and there is a strange reference to Simon MacKenzie, however his birth ties in with the family group and both William Bain and Isobel (Isabella) Urquhart are named as his parents on his death certificate.

If we know his name and the area he lived in, why can’t we locate the correct William Bain?  The answer lies in the sheer number of possibilities.  That is right for such a small population and place, there are over 10 possibilities and the key is finding something to link is to the right one.

Whilst we know that William lived in Fodderty in 1792 we don’t know if that is where he was born.

Fodderty is a parish in the Scottish Highlands and is about 10 miles from Dingwall and 15 Miles from Alness.  It has 7 neighbouring parishes; Alness, Contin, Dingwall, Kiltearn, Kincardine, Urquhart & Wester Logie and Urray.  These parishes are within the Ross & Cromarty district.

Looking at the Fodderty Parish alone and excluding neighbouring parishes, there was only one William Bain born in the time frame. This William Bain was born on 11th January 1763 to Ranald Bain and Anne Urquhart (Docharty).  I assume the Docharty reference relates to the Docharty Bain’s and would tie in with Hugh Urquhart’s booklet.

It also shows how the genetic ancestors could be reduced i.e. if this is our William Bain’s parents not only was he married to an Urquhart,  his mother was also an Urquhart,

Whilst this looks like a plausible contender, I have no other sources to confirm this and hence being wary of following this further for now.

Widening the search to all of Ross & Cromarty in the required time frame brings us 10 possible William’s;

  1. William Bain (11/01/1763) – Ranald Bain & Anne Urquhart – Fodderty
  2. William Bain (30/12/1764) – William Bain & Margaret Foular – Urquhart & Logie Wester
  3. William Bain (31/03/1765) – Alexander Bain & Mary McLean – Urquhart & Logie Wester.
  4. William Bain (15/12/766) – Kenneth Bain & Isobel McFarquhar – Killearnan
  5. William Bain (20/02/1753) – Donald Bain & ? – Kiltearn
  6. William Bain (14/05/1768) – Donald Bain & Lidy Rapson – Resolis
  7. William Bain (08/11/1762) – Donald Bain & Margaret Bain – Urquhart & Logie Wester
  8. William Bain (25/09/1772) – Donald Bain & Anne Cameron – Killearnan
  9. William Bain (30/05/1762) – John Bain & Isobel Fraser – Urquhart & Logie Wester
  10. William Bain (18/05/1760) – William Bain & Margaret Fowler – Urquhart & Logie Wester.

Looking at the above, the Fodderty William Bain seems the most plausible.

However Kiltearn and Killearnan are names which have surfaced on other records and could point to either of these.   Altough without any further links to confirm, we can only assume it could be either of these as the parishes are all neighbouring.

The aim is the confirm the correct William whether this be finding another source to confirm my hunch, or a process of elimination.  If you can help with either of these, please do get in touch by using the contact form.



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