Alexander Bain (1818-1903) – Philosopher and Educationalist

Alexander Bain (1818-1903) was a famous Scottish Philosopher and Educationalist.

He was born in Aberdeen in June 1818 and died in Aberdeen in 1903.

His parents were George Bain and Margaret Paul.  His father was a weaver. Alexander left school age 11 to become a weaver, before going on to carve out an academic career and life as a Professor at Aberdeen University, as well as other Universities.


Alexander Bain (1818-1903) – Scottish Philosopher & Educationalist

Alexander Bain (11 June 1818 – 18 September 1903) was a Scottish philosopher and educationalist, and a prominent and figure in the fields of psychology, linguistics, logic, moral philosophy and education reform. He founded Mind, the first ever journal of psychology and analytical philosophy.   He held Professorships in Moral Philosophy and English Literature and was twice elected Lord Rector of Aberdeen University.

Alexander Bain was known for writing. Some of his more well-known books are detailed below;

The Senses and the Intellect
The Emotions and the Will
Mental and Moral Science
Moral Science: a Compendium of Ethics 
Mind & body 

You can read these for free on google play.  Just click on the title for each book to go to the link.

I haven’t read all of the books, to be fair I am not sure I could quite grasp all of the theories as they are certainly not light reading.

In addition to those detailed above, I believe he also wrote other books.  They are vast and complex subjects so I have decided to refrain from reading these as it will only add another distraction and there is unlikely to be any family detail in there which is what we are looking for.

Alexander Bain (1818-1903) was indeed an intelligent man and another participant in the Scottish Enlightenment.  His work has been fundamental in these academic fields and education and in particular philosophy and linguistics.

I dare not think of what he would have thought about my writing abilities and the grammatical errors, although I hope that he would be pleased to find his memory lives on and indeed another worthy candidate of the Bain Hall of Fame.

Currently I do not have any details on his family to confirm which branch of the tree he fits onto, although he was born and is linked to Aberdeen, Scotland.


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