Family Research Update

Life has taken over again at time has just flown passed since my last post.

As I sit here and look at the pile of reports I have to do for work I can see it being quite some time before I can finally get back to this and updating the blog so for now I will provide a short summary of the things that have come up since the last update.

Dingwall St Clements Church 

I mentioned in a previous post that I was advised of Bayne graves at St Clements in Dingwall.  As I was up in the Highlands with the kids for a few days, we stopped by on the way home.   The post featured image is of St Clements Dingwall, as is the photo below.  

I will add further photos and info on a separate post. 


St Clements Dingwall

Family Tree DNA 

I have been curious about the DNA testing for genealogy and ancestry purposes for a while and eventually took the plunge and ordered the kits which have now arrived.

As I can’t do the Y DNA for the paternal line as it is for males only, I need dad’s help with this so I guess I need to wait until he returns from sunning himself on holiday.

I can do the MtDNA test which I will do myself and post of soon.

Will keep you posted on the outcome of this.

Other Family Connections 

Just before I got caught up in everyday life again, I made contact with a distant relative on my dads maternal line (Bain is the paternal line) which has provided wonderful insight into a part of the family I know little about.

Feeling a little guilty that I have not spent much time researching this part of the family yet but as I keep telling everyone for some reason the Bain ancestry has really caught my attention and I just feel there is more to find and tell, so this is where I am concentrating for the time being.

Family Reunion at Tulloch Castle 

Our branch of the family are having a reunion / meet at Tulloch Castle later this year and the preparations are well under way.

Norah, Betty and Liz were up confirming details and checking out the place last month. Here is Betty and Liz at the entrance to Tulloch Castle, Dingwall.

Liz & Betty at Tulloch

The Bain’s are Hame 

Dunstaffnage Castle, Oban

Whilst I was away I got a message from another family member and knowing my interest in the family history he sent me the photo below;

John Bayne Grave Oban.jpg

This is a gravestone for John Bayne and his wife Elizabeth Colins and their sons John and Edward Bayne.

Ian is a keen photographer and found this on one of his outings at Dunstaffage Castle in Oban.

Another interesting fact to look further into.

Thanks Ian McDonald.

You can check out photos of Dunstaffage Castle and other gorgeous places in and around Scotland on Ian’s photography facebook page, PixelPics.  

Are the Bain’s descendant from MacBeth/Lulach 

This is not something I have looked into in-depth, however I have been fortunate to read one of the rare copies of AJ Lawerence the Clan Bain where he dedicates a substantial portion to the Clan origins and makes this claim.

Whilst I can’t post the entire section on this and to be honest would need to read again before making any coherent statements about it, I have included a photo of one of the charts from this book which shows the link.

Lulach / Bain Family Tree

Lulach (stepson of MacBeth) & Bain Family Tree


As the Bain family were descendant from the Mackay’s, it may be possible that there are further references to this connection in records relating the Clan Mackay or indeed the Clan Morgan.

For me right now this is out of the time frame I am concerned with although I know it is of interest to some of you therefore I felt a mention was appropriate.

I hope to get further updates to you in a more timely manner and apologise for the sporadic nature of the posts, just a busy stage of life with a young family and work which means hobbies and interests like this need to take a back seat no matter how much I desire to work on them.

Thanks for reading.

As always please do not hesitate to get in touch and share your stories.




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