St Clements Church Dingwall

I mentioned previously that I had a short stop off and Dingwall on the way home from a trip away with the kids to Grannies Helian Hame.  With the kids in tow, it was shorter than hoped and I never managed to speak to anyone or get the info I was looking for.

I did get some photos which I have shared in a gallery below.

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Previous research indicated there are some Bain Graves & Burial Chambers here, but not as many as I would have thought.

There is however a fair amount of McKenzie graves which is interesting in itself as the Bain/McKenzie link goes back centuries with many marriages between the families.

The Burial Chamber which is in dangerous state of repair and is on the Buildings at Risk Register, is a McKenzie lair.

Another McKenzie gravestone I found interesting was the one below of Colin McKenzie of Mountgerald as he was related to the Simon McKenzie of Mountgerald whom our own James Bain was named after.


I get the feeling that there is way more to the link that being named after the local landowner.  The fact that there have been so many marriages between the families in the particular area would to me suggest that there is more to the link.

Now back to the reason I visited St Clements Church in Dingwall in the first place, the Bain/Bayne graves.  Earlier in the year I was told the Bayne of Tulloch graves from the early 16th century were at St Clements Church in Dingwall.

I was also fortunate to be sent a photo of a tracing done by a Davidson of Tulloch which showed the inscription and transcription etched on the stone.

Tracing from Mary Gwemdoline Davidson's Scrapbook

Another researcher and descendant of the Davidson’s of Tulloch, Nick had kindly sent me a photo of the tracing which he found in the scrapbook of Mary Gwendoline Davidson, the wife of the last Davidson Laird of Tulloch.

Along with the tracing, was the following note

Tulloch Bain Grave

The inscription is in latin and reads;


The translated inscription reads;

“Here Lies an honourable man Alexr Bane who died at Tullo in the years of our Lord 1542, age 82.” 

Her notes continue but I am not sure whether this is from other research of whether it appeared on the stone itself, as due to time and neglect the inscription in no longer readable.

I will visit again and this time ensure I get hold of someone to confirm the exact grave, but for now I have pacified myself by trying to have a guess of which of the headstones was the marker of our ancestors final resting place.

Here are some of the Headstones that I felt had potential to be the Bayne Grave at Dingwall St Clements.


The pattern in the first few of these seems familiar and I could have sworn that it matched the tracing.  However having looked at this again when I got home, I must have imagined it or I have seen it elsewhere.

It seems a bit sad to see the resting places in such as poor state of repair and would have loved to have cut back some of the overgrowth and cleaned off the moss.  Alas I am not too sure of the legalities or indeed ethics of cleaning or repairing headstones so I refrained and instead took these photos.







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