Clan Bain DNA Project

Well the results from my Y DNA test (or actually dads DNA as its only the male line that can take the Y DNA test) are in and I am still trying to figure out what to make of them or what it means.

So far, we have opted for the 37 marker test which is showing numerous possible matches but no familiar names or any close genetic relatives as yet.

It would appear that to get any worthwhile data/matches you really need to aim for at least the 67 or 111 marker tests and preferably (the expensive) big Y test to match more closely.

To date there are no matches in the Bain/McBain DNA project, however it is a very small project with not many members in comparison to some of the other lines.

Family Tree DNA – Bain/McBain Project

I would urge you or (your male relatives) in the Bain line to get tested to allow the project develop and match up the lines up.

Now just out of interest I joined the Mackay and McKenzie group and have genetic matches with some of these members which If I understand the data accurately would confirm the Bain origins and possibly confirm the Bain/McKenzie connection. Now as to whether James Simon McKenzie Bain was actually a Bain at all, that has still to be answered.

There are not enough participants in the Bain project as yet and to get more accurate matching, the larger marker tests are required so I guess I will just need to bite the bullet and pay for the upgrade.

I’ll keep you posted as I find out more.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already please consider participating the in Bain DNA project even if it’s just the starter 12 marker test to begin with.

Bain DNA Project Results

If you have a keen interest in the topic and can help more, please do get in touch.




2 responses to “Clan Bain DNA Project

  1. I would love to compare the YDNA test on your father to one I administer for my 1st cousin, Michael Bain. I have had his DNA tested on FTDNA out to YDNA-111 markers and also the Big Y test. His tests are also on the Big Tree Project and in YFull.

    Tom Vinson


  2. In addition to my previous email, my cousin Mike Bain’s FTDNA kit is listed on the Bain DNA Project results site under kit B124893. Please take a look and see how it compares to your father’s recent test.

    Tom Vinson


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