The Baynes of Tulloch, by Donald Mackinnon

I had come across various articles which mentioned the research Donald Mackinnon had done on the Baynes of Tulloch, but until recently I had not read any of the information firsthand, that is until I came across this article on the Ross & Cromarty Heritage page. 

Please use the link and read the article for yourself and perhaps you can help me get my head around the contents!

In summary, the article by Donald Mackinnon details the ancestry of the Baynes of Tulloch and delves into some of the off shoot branches such as;

  • The Baynes of Wester Logie and Delny 
  • Baynes of Knockbain 
  • Bains of Docharty 
  • Baynes of Logie, Fife 
  • Baynes of Tarradale 
  • Baynes of Pitcarlie 

As with the Clan Bain by Alfred J Lawrence, modern research has proven some of the content to be inaccurate as is the spelling of some of the lines, however we must ever be so grateful for without this we would never be able to of got to this point.

Now it is up to us to track our lines back and connect the pieces and confirm which if fact and which is fiction.

There are a few names in the article which stand out and are further avenues to explore in my quest to find our missing link, if you have been reading the other articles perhaps you will recognise some of the names.





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