The Bain’s of Docharty.

I spent quite a considerable time trying to track down the booklet “The Bain’s of Docharty” by Hugh Urquhart written in 1913. 

The Bains of Dochcarty

I had come across it mentioned in other work and was initially hopefully that this may be our branch of the Bain family, however whilst disappointed that I could not connect our Bain’s to those mentioned on the booklet, there was something or should I say someone that did stand out, Isobel Urquhart.

With some help from a very kind researcher who provided me with genealogical research, it was confirmed that this was indeed our very own Isobel Urquhart, wife of William Bain and mother of our James Simon McKenzie Bain.

So whilst the Bain line detailed in the Bains of Docharty are another branch, we were certainly connected to them at least via our Urquhart line.

Hugh Urquhart the author of the Bain’s of Docharty is my 2nd cousin 5 x removed, on the Urquhart side. 

I wonder how he would feel about his cousin, over 100 years later  picking up his research on her own Bain ancestors!!

I will post separately on the Urquhart ancestors, for now I will just mentioned how Hugh and I connect.  Hugh Urquhart was the grandson of Hugh Urquhart who was the brother of my 5th great-grandmother Isobel Urquhart.


James Urquhart  Anne Munro
Isobel Urquhart m William Bain Hugh Urquhart m Christina McDonald
James SM Bain m Margaret McDonald Hugh Urquhart m Isabella Bain
Hugh Bain m Euphemia Grieve Hugh Urquhart m Margaret Rosevear
John Bain m Betsy Isabella Cameron
Robert G Bain m Margaret KR Stewart
Gordon Bain m Catherine McGirr
Gordon Bain m Donna Mitchell
Victoria Bain

My 6th great-grandparents James Urquhart and Anne Munro are Hugh Urquhart’s great-grandparents.

But the crazy link does not end there!  James Simon McKenzie Bain’s sister Amelia Bain was married into this Urquhart line so as well as being my 5th great-aunt, she is the wife of my 1st cousin 6 x removed.

All very complex but extremely interesting and gives us another link to look into.

I have now come across a few instances where someone is related to me more than once such as the case of Amelia Bain Urquhart.  Have any of you come across this? Is there a term to describe with more ease than providing an example?






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