Bain Hall of Fame

The Bain family came into existence almost 600 years ago and throughout history there have been many noble, notable and fame worthy Bain’s.  This page will be dedicated to famous and noteworthy members of the Bain Clan.

Please forward any suggestions for inclusion.  Hopefully together we can give them all recognition.

John Bayne of Pitcaitlie – Writer to the Signet  (1620-1681)

Alexander Bain – Scottish Inventor & Engineer (1811 – 1877)

Andrew Bain – Bell & Bain Printers, Glasgow (1810 – 1858)

Sir James Bain, Lord Provost Glasgow (1817-1898) 

Alexander Bain – Philosopher and Educationalist (1818-1903)

David Wise Bain, Richest Man in Cornwall.