Alexander, third son of John Bane Mackay

Alexander Bane b c 1440 was the progenitor of the Baynes of Tulloch and Dingwall.

Alexander Bane, the third son of John Bane Mackay, appears to have married about 1455,  a sister of Farquhar Oure, who had lands in several places.  He moved his family to Dingwall about 1482 when his wife appears to have received some legacy of property there.

This family moved to Dingwall about 1482 and their descendants took a prominent part in the public and social life of the Highlands, and particularly of Dingwall, for about 250 years.

They became famous as the “Lairds of Tulloch” and as one of the most illustrious families in Northern Scotland, having formed matrimonial alliances with many of the leading families there.

They reached their peak of their eminence in Sir Donald Bayne, who had become an important national figure; but they seemed to have suffered a heavy mortality rate towards the end of his long rule, with a consequent change in the line of succession soon afterwards.

A. J Lawrence, The Clain Bain with its ancestral and related Scottish Clans.

John Bane Mackay

The Dingwall branch of the Bayne/Bain/Bane family descend from Alexander Bane (1440) who was the first of the line to move to Dingwall.  His son Alexander Bane (1462) became a prominent business man and his son Duncan Bane (1489) the 1st Laird of Tulloch.

However as well as the Tulloch line, Alexander had three other sons and there families would hail from the Dingwall area.

Similarly whilst the direct heirs of the Laird of Tulloch are known, the descendants from each of the siblings in each generation are unknown.

For example, by the time Duncan Bane became 1st Laird of Tulloch, there would be at least 6 other branches of Bane’s in the Dingwall area i.e. the families of his brothers and nephews.

As pre 1800 records are scare, it is difficult to confirm which of these lines we hail from.

As more is discovered about each line, I hope to add links which will eventually allow us to build the whole line.


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