Welcome to Our Scottish Clan.

My name is Victoria Bain. This site attempts to bring together the research into my Scottish Family history and make it more readable for my nearest and dearest and indeed anyone else that may take an interest.

I started looking into my family history to find out more about my grandfather, Gordon Bain who had tragically died in a car accident when my father was a child, and whom I had therefore never met and knew little about.

During my quest to find out more about my grandfather, I began to explore the Bain family line and their links to the Scottish Highlands as well as the tales about the clan origins and ancestral lands and homes.

I have amassed a large amount of data and numerous interesting tales and although I believe there is much more to find and possibly many more years of research, I feel that in order to involve the family and to organise my somewhat chaotic research it would be good idea to document online and hence the blog was born.

A bit like the Outlander series, the story will jump back and forth across the centuries as I trace our family lines and their lives in Scotland and possibly track our ancestors and their descendents that have emigrated all over notably to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America and South Africa to name but a few destinations.

Whilst originally I had intended to focus on the Bain family line, as time has progressed and to provide me with a sense of wholeness I have now commenced the journey to find out more about the families of my other three grandparents, Annie Irvine Deehan, Catherine McInally Howell McGirr and Kenneth Mitchell, all of which also originate in bonnie Scotland and this site will therefore tell their tales too.

I hope you will enjoy the story of Our Scottish Clan.  I aim to be as accurate as can be but in cases where the information is subjective I will not discount as it may be just the clue needed to find the actual documented evidence required.

If you are a Bain or one of the indeed any of the other family lines in our large family tree (of which I am sure there are some nuts) and have information on the family or an interesting tale, please get in touch.