Bain Clan Crest & Tartan

As I could never find just ‘Bain’ I assumed that we were part of Clan MacBain/McBean and therefore associated with their motto and tartan. It was not until I got into genealogy and began to look into the family history that I found that this was indeed incorrect and the Clan Bain are not associated with the Clan MacBain at all, but are in fact a sept of the Clan MacKay.

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Our Scottish Clan

During my quest to find out more about my grandfather, I began to explore the Bain family line and their links to the Scottish Highlands as well as the tales about the clan origins and ancestral lands and homes.

I have amassed a large amount of data and numerous interesting tales and although I believe there is much more to find and possibly many more years of research, I feel that in order to involve the family and to organise my somewhat chaotic research it would be good idea to document online and hence the blog was born.

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